Has EVERYBODY gone insane?

by Jon Rappoport

March 13, 2024

I get a crick in my neck when I run into a public official who’s completely and irretrievably and stupidly and openly and demonstrably full of shit on a simple matter of law that any half-assed attorney should be able to point out.

I’ve got a crick now after reading Eric Adams’ recent remarks about the load of illegal aliens situated in New York. The mayor’s whining has ascended to pleas to change NY’s Sanctuary City Laws. (*)

But what does Adams want?

He wants to be able to turn these felons over to ICE for deportation back to their home countries.

Adams cites this as the ONLY way to rid the city of these egregious criminals.

He’s wrong.

I don’t know why no one is telling him he’s wrong.

Here’s the story: In any US jurisdiction, Sanctuary or not, ANY person charged with a crime…

Can be arrested…

Kept in jail…

Tried in court…


And sent to a US prison.

For something like murder or attempted murder or assault, the sentence would be long.

In which case, NY WOULD, in fact, get these illegal felons off the streets.

Without any consideration of deportation.

Furthermore, sending them to prison is the right thing to do. As opposed to deportation, which would be LETTING THEM GO.

After which they could easily sneak back into the US.

Sending them to prison in the US does not involve federal officials in any way.

Is Adams this stupid?

He never talks with lawyers and figures out violent illegal felons in his city can be brought to justice?

No newspaper or television news outlet in NY is educating him on this point of law?

Everyone is focused on deportation?