Behind the veil of the Online Harms Bill lies a transition of power away from elected officials and into the hands of government bureaucrats and leftist lawyers.

by Brad Salzberg

February 29, 2024

Does the high-brow philosophical term “Hegelian dialectic” accurately describe a method of social seduction currently being administered by PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government?

“A psychological tool used to manipulate the masses. In this case, you create a problem, wait for the reaction, and then offer the solution.” 

In terms of the recent “Online Harms Act” headed up by Attorney General MP Arif Virani, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has to wonder about the extent to which this tactic is being utilized.

Is it that big a stretch to consider that when it comes to immigration policy, “too much too fast” accurately encapsulates the situation? It isn’t as if we’re pulling the idea out of hat. An improper balance between immigration intake and housing availability offers validation.

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