by Eldric Vero

February 27, 2024

This CotD was inspired by two recent articles:

1) Sonia Elijah Investigates “France’s Pfizer amendment could turn mRNA critics into criminals” (see link: From the article: The draconian law, which was quietly passed with virtually no debate, could throw anyone who advises against the use of therapeutic or prophylactic treatment (including experimental mRNA gene therapy) into prison for up to 3 years and pay a hefty fine of 45,000 Euros. This creates a new criminal offense and criminalizes the “request to stop or refrain from therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment” as well as “the request to use practices that are presented as therapeutic or prophylactic ”. This means that any resistance to mRNA treatment (and other corporate medical methods) can be criminalized in the future.

2) CBC News “Paris 2024 to have contingency plan if COVID-19 crisis not over” (see link: ). From the article: Paris will be ready to host the 2024 Olympics even if the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing as organizers have been working on contingency plans, Tony Estanguet, the head of the organizing committee, said on Tuesday. “When you organize events like this, you try to anticipate, but nobody could imagine that COVID-19 would create such a mess in our lives. We can predict a lot of things, but not this,” he said. The surfing competition at Paris 2024 will take place in Tahiti, almost 8,000 kilometers from the French capital, an exception in an otherwise compact Games. “From an ecological point of view, it emerged that Tahiti was the site that had the smallest carbon impact,” said Estanguet..

The author of the CotD has combined analyses of Covid-19 and Excess Deaths (all causes) as these are related.

Panel 1 The first graph is a construct by the author as a standard CotD presentation which illustrates Covid-19 Related Deaths (CRDs) and vaccinations. France’s CRD rate was relatively high immediately upon announcement of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in March 2020 and then “flattened” during the summer months (pre-vaccination). However, heading into the winter months of 2020/21, the CRD rate once again took-off as would be expected for a corona virus in the northern latitudes. The vaccination program started in late December 2020 with high injection uptake rates to year-end 2021. The vaccine appeared to be effective as the CRD rate “flattened” somewhat in mid-2021 after about 40 percent of the population had been injected. The Booster program started ramping-up in Q4’2021 with elevated injection rates into Q1/Q2’2022, however, the CRD rate continued to rise into mid-2022. Note the mirror-like nature of CRDs-to-Boosters (high-lighted yellow) since the beginning of 2022. The CRD rate has waned significantly since January 2023 in concert with low vaccine injection rates as no CRDs have been reported for over 8 months. This type of vaccine-to-deaths correlation profile is relatively common as presented in previous CotDs. Back in February 2021, Alain Fischer (head of vaccination program) pronounced “the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective”.


Panel 2   Observe the characteristic cyclical nature of deaths or all-cause mortality since 2015.  The “Blue” line represents data prior to March 2020 and the “Red” line represents data since the SARS CoV-2 pandemic was initiated in March 2020.  The “Green” line represents the “Expected” deaths (CotD Model) based on historical averages.  The author has utilized the data for the five year period January 2015 to December 2019 in order to calculate an average normalized curve for Monthly Deaths.  The Expected Deaths (CotD Model) incorporates an average 2.0 percent growth factor which appears to be a good match to the overall pre-pandemic trend.


Panel 3   This presents the magnified portion (January 2020 to December 2023) of the graph in Panel 2.   The “Orange” line represents “Excess Deaths” which is calculated by subtracting Expected Deaths (CotD Model) from Official Deaths.


Panel 4   Based on the data and this author’s model, 180,301 Excess Deaths have occurred since the start of the pandemic of which 115,579 (64 percent) have occurred since the start of Covid-19 injections in December 2020. This compares to 123,231 Excess Deaths since January 2021 as per the website.


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