Government is tasked with remedying social trends such as a declining domestic population. In Canada, it never happened.

by Brad Salzberg

February 26, 2024

How do Canada’s ruling Liberal government justify the largest per-capita immigration quotas on earth?

All-encompassing in presentation is the idea that in order to remedy our country’s¬†“aging population and workforce,”¬†government must import approximately half a million migrants each year.

While mainstream media back the concept with aplomb, never do they speak of a social phenomenon that exists in complete contrast to this “burning need.”

A critical role for a ruling government is found in an ability to anticipate social trends within society, including the ramifications of the “baby boomer” generation which reached its pinnacle in the wake of the second world war.

Understanding what was coming down the demographic pipe, a succession of federal governments had ample time to develop programs to incent Canadian-born parents to have additional children.

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