In April 2023, North Dakota enacted an anti-DEI law. Other states followed, including Florida, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

by Brad Salzberg

February 19, 2024

Does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(DEI) make the world a better place?

“There is no empirical evidence that it does any good. Clear evidence exists that it can do harm.” So say studies performed at American universities such as Harvard and Princeton.

“According to a new report, studies indicate that DEI training tends to reinforce existing biases rather than eliminate them, and its effectiveness in fostering inclusivity remains uncertain.”

Just don’t tell that to counterparts within Canadian academia. While you’re at it, add Canadian government and media to the mix.

Once upon a time in our country, media’s role was to accurately portray trends within society, inclusive of a broader social context from beyond our borders. No more. Today, maintrain media pick and choose what is to be exposed based on desires of government, and the money flowing to them in order to keep their organizations in business.

A focus on Liberal government pet-projects like LGBT, transgenderism, Euthanasia and abortion brings the larger picture into focus. In each case, CBC and corporate media downplay public derison, keeping Canadians in the dark in terms of anti-woke legislation being passed south of our border.

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