Canadian media reporting on persecution of Christians is virtually non-existent.

by Brad Salzberg

February 12, 2024

“A new report from the Family Research Council (FRC) highlights the growing persecution and intolerance towards Christians in the West.” 

Well done, say CAP. Those who make an effort to move beyond the media firewall funded by Canada’s Liberal government will discover the incredible imbalance in terms of reporting on the topic of racism.

By way of federally-funded CBC News, the entire dynamic is skewed by cries of “systemic racism,” so-called Islamophobia, and other accusations intended to lower the collective self-esteem of Canadian society.

For decades, a gaping hole has existed regarding persecution of Christians on a world-wide basis, as well as upon Canadian soil. In truth, Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] has never understood why media would deal in such a blatant imbalance.

Nigeria is considered the ‘Greatest Enemy of Christian Faith in the World,’ and country with the world’s largest Christian deaths for the year 2021.”

“No fewer than 5,191 of the victims were unarmed citizens hacked to death or shot by Islamic radicals or hostile members of the country’s security forces.”

Did you know? For the year 2022, Nigeria was #4 on the list of top sources for immigration to Canada. On this basis– and even without it– Canadians deserve to understand the extent of community persecution in proper context.

Canadian media do not fulfill this obligation. Eschewing examples of racism government do not want our citizenship to become aware of, anti-Christian bigotry in all forms is omitted from media presentation.

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