“It is prohibited for a person to promote a fossil fuel, a fossil fuel-related brand element or the production of a fossil fuel,” reads the NDP private member’s bill.

by Brad Salzberg

February 10, 2024

B.C. provincial New Democratic Party Selena Robinson has “stepped down from the cabinet post on Monday after facing growing criticism over her comments during an online panel that modern Israel was founded on a crappy piece of land,” which critics called racist and Islamophobic.”

It’s neither. Even a cursory review of Section 319 of the Canadian criminal code will verify the fact that Ms. Robinson’s statement is in no manner racist, a “hate crime,” or breach of the law.

The most dangerous idea involved is the fact that it doesn’t matter. What Robinson has on her hands is what is historically referred to as a “witch hunt.” Her “critics” are out for political blood. There exists no legal or legislative validation for her being “let go” from her former position as British Columbia’s Post-Secondary Education Minister.

Continuing with the theme of historical context, what Canadians witness in this manoeuvre is tainted with politics within communist and fascist societies of the 20th century. This is a move common during periods of social revolutions of the past.

“Representatives from more than a dozen B.C. Mosques and Islamic associations wrote to ]B.C. Premier David] Eby calling for Robinson’s removal and banning NDP MLAs and candidates in the October provincial election from their sacred spaces until action was taken against her.”

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