Until recently, suburban soccer moms never knew drag queens existed

by Jon Rappoport

February 9, 2024

If they had, they would have been taking their nine-year olds to the shows.

But now that they do know, they ARE taking the kiddies to watch these zoids strut and dance and shake their asses on Saturday afternoons in the school auditorium and the climate change café.

And the moms believe this is just clean fun. The super-wired queens aren’t doing meth. They’re amazingly happy people. After the show is over they wipe off all the makeup and…what? Go back to pedestrian lives? Is that what the moms believe?

Suburbia must be registering minus on the brain dead scale.

The moms don’t catch the drift of tranny promotion?

They don’t see sexual innuendo when the queens point to their own crotches a few feet away from the kids?

When I run into a liberal wokey by accident and she begins spouting off some rubber room scripted political bullshit, I immediately go to drag queens. I start talking about the shows, the shaking butts and the crotches. I say I’m a drag queen. I promote drag. I mention a few shows around town and issue an invite. I talk about my closets full of clothes. And shoes. And my paraphernalia. My toys. I want to see how far I can go before the lib shows signs of disgust and anxiety. I mention there are orgies where we raise money to fight for climate change policies. Usually I win—there comes a point where the lib suddenly has to get to an appointment. She has to pick up the groceries or the kids from school. She has to run for the exit.

Maybe I should have a pal secretly film these encounters. Put them up on YouTube. Let’s see how the censors react.

You may think I’m being cruel, but I just want to get to the bottom of things. I want to see how far gone liberals really are. I believe I’m performing a public service. How crazy are the crazies? These days, we’re all surrounded by nutcases. But how weird are they?