by Diane Ritchie

February 9, 2024

Fire Doctor Bonnie Henry… all health authorities. She and others want us sick and dead!!!!

So many things to say and where to begin. Starters, I believe if you have no doctor, I do not have one per say, maybe that is why I am not taking any medications at my 66 year old. So I wanted a complete blood work done to find out my vitamin levels and my Vitamin D3 levels, we have all seen the studies regarding how Vitamin D3 levels is low in 85% of the population. Now especially here in the north, especially here in Vancouver where it rains a lot. So I decided to call the Denman Medical Clinic of which I have been a (member) for over 30 years. I could get a in person or a phone call, I opted for the phone call, cause here in BC they are still making people wear a mask in medical facilities, no way in hell will I put that respiratory disease crap on my face…

So I was asked first if I had been to the clinic, why ask, it is a medical clinic and it should not matter. Now about 5-6 years ago my return back to Vancouver they had a new doctor that you could have, so I said I have no doc so I would like to be a patient. the docs answer was I would be better off not having one cause if I had an issue and doc was booked I could not see another doc. Oh really what kind of bull shit is that….

Now I will go back to I was living in Kelowna helping out family with a father who was slowly dying from COPD, I got a new doc in Lake Country aka Winfield, and this doc told me I could only discuss on problem at a time and sent me a 65 page of what I can and cannot do, I cannot answer my phone as he will discontinue the appt. WTF are you kidding me. So whenever I went in I would discuss everything and tell him how the hell can you help me if you have no idea of all of my symptoms????

Now back to my phone appt. A very nice women doc. Told her I wanted a complete blood work to find out my levels of Vitamin d3 iron, etc… I am having some issues….most I believe are due to the 5G cause since I got back from spending 6 weeks on Vancouver Island, nausea, ringing in the ears louder than ever, itchy skin etc…

She was happy to get me in but will not do the Vitamin D3, say what, well you can have it but you have to pay 75 dollars. I was in complete shock. She proceeds to tell me that they already know that everyone in Vancouver is deficient in vitamin D3 so they do not do it…..

WTF? are you kidding me I said, if you know that then should you not be testing so people can know how much to supplement.

I quit all social media at the start of Covid as I could see and new where this was going. So I am asking for you to share this wide and far.

Do not trust your doctor as your doctor is trying to kill you.


Diane Ritchie