The volunteer team has been busy creating new awareness ads and posts for social media including X, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. New posters for our volunteer and candidate drives are also available.

Here are a couple of examples of ads the volunteers have produced, one a short video. You can find our latest messaging on our website. Please grab them and share them with friends and family and on your social media sites.

Let’s work together to get involved, stay involved and get others involved and ultimately we will create enough momentum and change to get the people back in charge of their government for the benefit of everyone in BC!

Did you know if every supporter receiving this email donated $5 each we would have our expenses covered for over a month? Larger donations ensure we are able to travel to key electoral ridings and communities in the Province to share our message at in-person Town Halls.

Please consider donating if you can! Currently, we have very limited funding. If you want things to change this election year, please donate.

  • Click on the button to donate via our GiveSendGo!
Other ways to get involved include volunteering and spreading the message through word of mouth and social media. We need everyone’s engagement as it is unlikely we will have the budget required to do regular advertising through mass media channels. We must rely on supporters like you to share the word!

Thank you!

February 26: Lower Mainland Event – In-Person Town Hall with Independent BC Founders

The Independent BC founders will be on hand to share the latest, answer questions and have a lot of fun! Some details are still being finalized, watch for updates in our next newsletter.

See the event poster, below.

Want to Bring a Candidate to Your Community?

Did you know with the election of 40+ independent MLAs, we could potentially form a majority government or at the very least, hold the balance of power? Either way, the people win! Everything is possible right now if we keep uniting and working together!

If you are interested in becoming a candidate in your community or holding an in-person or Zoom Town Hall with our founders, now is the time. It may very well be the first step in bringing real change to your community and the legislature!

Reach out and let’s get something scheduled! Let’s make history together in 2024!

#ThePartyisOver #IndependentBC

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