Jhoan Boada was arrested and released and then flipped the ‘double bird’. Youtube screenshot


February 2, 2024

Eight illegal aliens from Venezuela ganged up on a police lieutenant and a cop and beat them after the police broke up a disorderly group around 8:30 pm last Saturday. None have work permits or any known relatives in the city. Prosecutors said that every defendant charged so far is facing felony charges that carry a penalty of up to seven years. But all five who were arrested were released back on the streets without posting bail. A police source said that it is impossible for police officers to deal effectively with crime and disorder if the justice system can’t or won’t protect them.

Several of the men have prior records, including Yorman Reveron, who is accused of punching, biting and assaulting retail store employees who tried to stop him from stealing in two separate incidents within the last few months.

Jhoan Boada, 22, flipped the double bird as he strolled out of Manhattan Criminal Court following his arraignment. Police say that he was wearing pink shoes and a video of the assault shows a man in pink shoes kicking one of the cops in the head three times.

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