COVID-19 origins and virology with producers of new docu series. (0:00)

– The nature of disease and the limitations of germ theory. (6:20)

– COVID-19 misinformation and scientific method. (8:54)

– Virology and the scientific method. (14:28)

– Vaccine-induced loss of sense of smell and neurological symptoms. (22:56)

– Disease causes, mass media, and electrical systems. (24:04)

– The role of fear and belief in physical symptoms. (28:02)

– The power of the mind and false authority in health and medicine. (30:25)

– AIDS and HIV testing controversies. (35:01)

– COVID-19, vaccines, and conspiracy theories. (38:10)

– Scientific integrity and COVID-19 testing methods. (40:23)

– COVID-19 and independent thinking. (45:48)

– COVID-19, vaccines, and government ops. (46:57)

– Alternative approaches to disease prevention and wellness. (54:27)

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