by Eldric Vero

February 1, 2024

This CotD is related to a recent climate science paper “Is Calgary Alberta Boiling (2023)” by Dean Clarke (P.Eng) via The Friends of Science website (see link: .  The author of the CotD recommends reading this paper in its entirety as here are some findings mentioned:

–          With global warming and climate change making news headlines around the world, one begins to wonder how much temperatures have changed over the last century. This study details the minimum and maximum temperature change in Calgary, Alberta, Canada over the last 139 years

–          The overall trend-line and half-decade data shows rising temperatures, with minimum temperatures rising more significantly than maximum temperatures.

–          However, the last one-hundred years of half-decade data also shows cooler maximum temperatures from the recent 2020- 2023 period than the 1915-1919 and 1920-1924 half-decade periods, respectively.

–          Even with the hot temperatures and four record setting maximum days occurring in 2023, the long-term historical record maximum trend (top blue line above) remains intact from a historical trend perspective. In other words, no new record maximum temperature trends have begun to emerge based on the four temperature records broken in 2023.

From the report:


“The sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not CO2” Friends of Science

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