“Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi voiced objections, and the current Mayor, Jyoti Gondek, called the measures an infringement on human rights.”

by Brad Salzberg

February 1, 2024

In terms of social policies forced upon society by government, Euthanasia and Transgenderism are among the most contentious.

Common sense citizens shake their collective heads in terms of what has transpired. On the assisted dying front, PM Justin Trudeau is currently heading up a systemic government assault on living Canadians.

As we speak, the Liberals are contemplating a reduction of minimum age for MAiD procedures for children as young as 12 years of age. As far as government’s endorsement of transgenderism for minors, it’s even worse.

Thus far, the Feds have ignored a plea to limit transgender procedures for Canadian youth. As far as PM Trudeau is concerned, medical practitioners can begin hormone therapy and gender transition for citizens of any age.

Sound like an assault on Canadian youth to you? If it does, it should come as no surprise. Trudeau’s agenda of woke globalist transformation affects some more than others. Segmenting those affected based on community identification brings up an issue mainstream media refuse to indulge in.

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