“When it comes to answering for the success or failure of his policies, Trudeau seems to forget that he is the one in charge and the one the public holds to account.”

by Brad Salzberg

January 30, 2024

A new poll from Abacus Data published this week in the Toronto Sun speaks of a desire to remove PM Justin Trudeau from office:

“Just 15% think the government deserves to be re-elected.”

It comes at a time when elected MPs are reconveening in Ottawa to engage in what has degenerated into political circus of Liberal spin-doctoring for the purpose of clinging to a tenuous control of government.

Trudeau was back to his usual self. Over an eight-year period, the PM has finely honed his government of China-derived skills as a national leader who never answers a direct question. Taking a page from the communist play-book employed by China’s top brass, nothing of substance arrives out of the mouth of Canada’s “post-modern” prime minister.

Beginning with a tribute to Islam, the sessions opened in typical Trudeau-style.

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