Re: Important Candidate Information

As the Independent BC Volunteer Team steps up our Candidate Drive, we need your support to help offset costs associated with:

  1. Arranging and holding Town Halls virtually and in person, at gathering places like libraries, pubs, coffee shops and bistros.
  2. Travelling in person to many of the 93 Ridings in BC and,
  3. Reaching all potential voters via social media, video and other marketing and advertising methods

If you want things to change this election year, please donate below to our Give, Send, Go!


Following is a short list of exciting news and highlights happening behind the scenes with your volunteer team, including details about our newest candidate in the Okanagan, an upcoming candidate event in Maple Ridge, and the debut of our new music jingle titled┬áLet’s Turn the Tides! Let us know what you think!

New Candidate: Press Release

January Event: Candidate Town Hall meeting, Maple Ridge, BC

New Music: Let’s Turn the Tides

Local BC artist Danny Davis is helping us get our message out with a new jiggle, Let’s Turn the Tides!

Thank you for helping us inspire Independent Candidates who will stand up for you and your community! Your donation helps us reach and educate the voters needed to deliver monumental change in the BC Legislature.

Let’s make history together in 2024!

#ThePartyisOver #IndependentBC


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