What I’ve been saying about the “spike protein” should be much clearer

by Jon Rappoport

January 26, 2024

Let me remind you: COVID RNA vaccinations are genetic events.

According to the official story, tiny, tiny lipid nanoparticles, in the vaccine, contain “genetic information” that forces cells of the body to produce “the spike protein.”

That’s it. That’s what the vaccine does. Period.

And we’re also told this is a slam-dunk certainty. The cells respond and produce that protein every time. No problem.

And by implication, we can assume the cells produce no other protein as a result of this genetic “therapy.”


In past articles (*), I’ve challenged all of this.

In my recent series of articles (**), I’ve shown that genetic engineering is FAR from the certainty we’re told it is. Mistakes and unintended consequences are everywhere.

Therefore, why should we assume the COVID vaccines ARE forcing the cells of a few billion people to produce the spike protein and no other proteins?


What would that proof look like?

I’ve written, for several years, that the proof would come in the form of a massive study.

Researchers would take, say, 20,000 people who had received the COVID vaccine and TEST them to see whether…

They had, in fact, produced the spike protein, and…

Whether they HADN’T produced other (unwanted and possibly dangerous) proteins.

And of course, this study HAS NEVER BEEN DONE.


Because, if it shows that the slam-dunk production of the spike protein ISN’T happening, in most or all people receiving the vaccine…

And/or if it shows other possibly dangerous proteins ARE being produced…


Understand: I’m making a very direct point about how science should be done. That’s all.

You say you’re going to inject a few billion people with material that is going to cause something very specific to happen. In all those people.

Therefore, you should prove that specific thing IS happening. In all those people.

If you don’t run the test that will prove this, or refute it, you’re a charlatan. A fraud. A fake. Actually, a major, major criminal.

There is no other way to look at this.

Of course, many, many people automatically assume the COVID injection is doing exactly what its promoters say it’s doing. However, automatic assumption isn’t science.

It might be polite, it might be friendly, it might be nice; it certainly is careless; it doesn’t have anything to do with science.

To what would I compare this nice, friendly, automatic assumption?