“The implementation of assisted suicide will save the Canadian health care system between $34.7 and $136.8 million per year.”

by Brad Salzberg

January 26, 2024

Based on their rhetorical output, one would think that Euthanasia advocates in Canada are promoting candidates for participating in the Olympic Games.

In Canada, non-profit organizations funded by the ruling Liberal government love to speak of their vast “accomplishments” as extinguishers of human life. As if stockbrokers reporting on increases in stock values, advocates deliver the news:

“In 2022, the total number of MAID provisions increased by 31.2% (2022 over 2021) compared to 32.6% (2021 over 2020). The annual growth rate in MAID provisions has been steady over the past six years, with an average growth rate of 31.1% from 2019 to 2022.

Glory Hallelujah, retort Cultural Action Party. It’s damn exciting news, no? Just to think, by the year 2030 we could “progress” to knocking off 5%-10% of living Canadians.

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