Did You Listen To Tucker Carlson’s Speech ?

He might have delivered it in Alberta but it was meant for all Canadians .

That was obvious.

Will anyone really listen.

Or was it just theatre for Danielle Smith?

What Tucker said many freedom fighters have been saying for a long time.

That many devout non mainstream Christians have been saying for a long time .

No one wants to hear these ideas here in Canada .

At least not from Canadians !

Immigration , gender ideology,  basic human , inalienable rights, Christianity ——-Judaeo Christian values.

Tucker realizes that there has to be a system change —-not just different people occupying the Prime Minister’s chair.

I have been refused public platforms at schools , municipal council   Chambers, universities, shunned by the mainstream media .

Let’s hope that an outsider ( Conrad Black and Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy etc , like me , seem to be rebuffed) might have more impact.

Or will the Laurentian Elite just scoff and treat it as another manageable prairie fire and re-arrange the administrative state like they have been doing for decades now  .

The Honourable A. Brian Peckford