A growing proportion of Canadians share the believe that the current rate of immigration is too high, citing concerns about how newcomers impact affordable housing.

by Brad Salzberg

January 23, 2024

“I’ve long said that one of the most important responsibilities of any Canadian prime minister is to protect that (immigration) consensus, stated PM Justin Trudeau in a recent conversation on Liberal government immigration policy.

You may have said it, Mr. Trudeau, but several points contradict your personal portfolio as a blind evangelist for mass immigration to Canada.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Objectives — immigration

  • 3 (1) The objectives of this Act with respect to immigration are

So, what is to occur in a case where social, cultural and economic benefit transition from beneficial to detrimental?

CAP are not like you, Justin. If we make a statement, we work diligently to back it up:

“Canada is caught in a population trap and needs to rein in immigration significantly to escape it, according to a Monday report from National Bank of Canada economists, part of an emerging consensus that explosive growth is exacerbating some of the country’s economic troubles.”

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