Government control Canada’s citizenship through community division; media do so by burying international backlash against woke globalist politics.

by Brad Salzberg

January 22, 2024

An ebb-and-flow in political attitudes within a society is as old as democracy itself. What is more modern– “post-modern” in fact– is calculated cover-up of such transitions by media.

In this regard, the press in Canada employ tactics intended to obscure an about-face among the general voting population.

Canada’s ruling Liberal government thrive off of instilling division within our nation’s pluralist communities. It’s a tactic, to be sure. For eight years running, the Liberals have been in the process of re-inventing Canadian society. Primary among their needs is dividing community from community, be it Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hetero, Gay, Transgender or otherwise.

CBC and corporate media employ division by a refusal to being together “counter-productive” commonalities among Canadians. A perfect example is found in a groundswell of anti-woke sentiment breaking out within western nations.

Key among them is France, whose government is in the process of revamping what was formerly a pro-immigration stance within society. French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron has recently taken a “right-hand” turn, cracking down on illegal immigration, refugee exploitation of French law, and other elements of a “borderless society” dynamic.

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