Citizens of France are fed-up with political ‘wokism’ and its manifestations. The French government is now taking steps to remedy the situation.

by Brad Salzberg

January 20, 2024

Difficult to say whether a shocking story in late 2023 set the tone for realignment in political approach recently taken on by France’s ruling government.

“Six teenagers have been convicted in connection with events leading to the beheading of their teacher Samuel Paty in 2020, in a case that horrified France.”

“Abdoullakh Anzorov murdered Samuel Paty after messages spread on social media that the teacher had shown his class cartoons of the prophet Muhammad from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.”

One has to wonder what would motivate a posse of teenagers to behead their teacher over a set of cartoons. Such is the insular ways of radicalism within certain segments of society.

Whether the incident served as a catalyst for radical change within the French government, it certainly didn’t help those who place archaic religious belief above the value of human life.

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