Working toward an inversion of Canada’s social order, government set up English Canada and its Anglo-European communities for a giant fall.

by Brad Salzberg

January 13, 2024

What’s the world’s most popular puzzle?

“The Rubik’s Cube’s status as the world’s most popular puzzle is due to its unique blend of simplicity, complexity, and universal appeal.”

“Its ability to engage minds, provide immediate gratification, and offer long-lasting challenges has made it popular and relevant even 50 years after its invention.”

Putting together pieces of a puzzle takes diligence and dedication. Metaphorically speaking, the same cannot be applied to Canadian media’s approach to an entirely different form of puzzle.

If media were to consolidate pieces of the puzzle that add up to the demise of English Canada, the double-edged sword that is immigration policy and multiculturalism would be understood for what they truly are.

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