Although the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus is peppered with foreign born half-citizens Salma Zahid appears to be the only MP holding three citizenships.

by Brad Salzberg

January 12, 2024

Once upon a time, political dedication as advanced by Members Of Parliament in Canada took on a decidedly domestic tone. Concerned about the well-being of Canadians, MP’s put their energy into pragmatic issues such as economy, fiscal debt, employment, healthcare, and housing.

Those days are gone. The highest per-capita immigration quotas on the planet has delivered a new breed of Canadian politician, encapsulated by those whose degree of ethno-centrism belies the role to which they have been elected.

Eight years of PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society has exacerbated the situation to unprecedented heights. In 2023, ethnic identity and related myopia have come to dominate the concerns of many Members of Parliament.

Case-in-point: current Scarborough-Centre Liberal MP Salma Zahid.

“I call on Canada to support South Africa’s application to the International Court of Justice regarding the current conflict between Israel and Hamas and the impact this conflict is having on the people of Palestine, Toronto-area MP Salma Zahid wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

Prompting CAP to respond in kind: “Yes, but your role isn’t to work for the people of Palestine any more than it is to work for the people of Timbuktu.”

Correct us if we’re wrong, but is it not a fact that your mandate instructs you to focus on the health and welfare of those residing in Scarborough, Ontario? After all, it’s these Canadian tax-payers who pay your salary, is it not?

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