“A bloodless revolution took place when the Charter of Rights, promoted by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, became a part of our constitution.”

by Brad Salzberg

January 9, 2024

Interesting timing it was. Less than one month before Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015 came an enlightening report from an organization called “Real Women Of Canada.”

Unfortunately, this form of discourse never reached the consciousness of Canadian society. Its contents speak of a systemic transition of political power which has eluded our citizenship for over forty years.


“A bloodless revolution took place in Canada in 1982 when the Charter of Rights, promoted by Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, became a part of our constitution.”

Few Canadians came to comprehend this transition and its monumental repercussions. With the advent of the Charter, prototype globalist and leftist lawyer Pierre Trudeau has quietly empowered his legal buddies through a covert transition of political power:

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