In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, accusations of racism exist as weapons in a post-modern war against traditional Canadian society.

by Brad Salzberg

January 8, 2023

A major discrepancy in perception of the degree of racism which exists in Canada  currently eludes our general population. If media were to present relevant data in proper context, Canadians would come to a profound realization.

The advent of the year 2024 brings with it a fresh report regarding racism on an international level. To contrast the findings with government, media and academic positioning on the level of racism in Canada exists as a serious eye-opener.

A new “Most Racist Countries” in the world report from World Population Review stands in direct contrast to its presentation as advanced by Canada’s controlling institutions.

As a composite of various studies, nations such as Lebanon, Libya, and Bahrain consistently come out on top. A 2020 study considers Qatar the most racist country in the world; another selected India.

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