The New Zealand govt chopped nearly in half the number of reported kidney injuries, post-mRNA vaccine, from Jan to Aug 2023. Here also are 50 different types of injuries to the kidneys seen post-vax.

by Dr. Colleen Huber

January 8, 2024

The earliest data from New Zealand reported a 70% increase in acute kidney injuries, post 2nd shot of Pfizer

In a Lancet preprint, in January 2023, the New Zealand government released a study showing a 70% increased rate of kidney injury following two doses of Pfizer mRNA vaccines. Even more telling of injury was dose-dependent effect.  That is, one dose of Pfizer showed 60% increased rate of injury within three weeks post-injection, while two doses showed 70% increased rate of injury three weeks post-injection.  “Acute kidney injury” was not defined by the authors, but is understood in a clinical setting to include measurable changes on lab results and / or serious signs and symptoms such as bleeding, pain with urination, kidney stones, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome or other renal dysfunction.

The data was drawn from a national database of over four million people, the number of people over the age of five who had received the Pfizer vaccines.  This number represented 95% of New Zealand adults and teenagers.

Compared to historical background rates of kidney injury, the following changes in acute kidney injuries were found in the original article, as shown in this screenshot.

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