by Jon Rappoport 

January 5, 2024

Dr. Jack “Jackhammer” Braine. He was a bit perturbed.

“Jon, I’ve been forwarded a new, long, convoluted article of yours, by the Department of Speech Modulation. You haven’t published the piece yet. It appears our progress is backtracking, fading. Are you sure you’re on your meds?”

“Of course I’m sure, Doc. Every morning at nine, and just before bed. I would never, ever deviate.”

“Well, okay, but we might have to increase the dosage. Here is a copy of your article. I want you to read it over, while I go into the next room and check my tee time at Maplethorn. Senator McConnell may not be able to join our foursome this afternoon. Read it carefully and see whether you think you’re adapting to the new rules of behavior.

He walked out.

I read:

70-year-old Fat Ethel, wearing spectacles and a thin flowery summer dress and slippers, is my Guide

by Jon Rappoport

She may be the President for all I know

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