Graham Reid is a 67-year-old retired resident of Waterloo, Ontario, who finds himself grappling with the challenges of the province’s deteriorating healthcare system. The Canadian Independent interviewed Mr. Reid and his wife, Ruby, to share their story.

Nearly two years ago, Graham noticed a small bump on the right side of his face, which he initially thought might be an ingrown hair. However, it progressively grew larger in the subsequent months. In July 2023, Graham visited his doctor, who referred him to a dermatologist. Unfortunately, the earliest available appointment was not until June of the following year.

Within a month or two, the bump developed into a significant hole on the right side of Graham’s face. Concerned about the worsening condition, Graham went to the hospital, visiting several different emergency rooms and consulting multiple doctors over the months. Unfortunately, he was consistently advised to follow up with the dermatologist.

It wasn’t until an emergency doctor in Tilsonburg examined Graham’s face and promptly identified it as cancer that the situation took a different turn. A biopsy confirmed the cancer diagnosis, and Graham returned home, awaiting a scheduled day for surgical removal. Despite being assigned a surgery date of January 4, 2024, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener, Graham was disappointed to receive news from the hospital that, due to staffing issues, they would be unable to perform the surgery.

Graham faces uncertainty regarding the rescheduling of his surgery, reflecting the broader challenges many Ontarians encounter within the healthcare system. He emphasizes that he is not alone in facing healthcare issues and calls for immediate changes including government intervention.

The Canadian Independent reached out to St. Mary’s Hospital for a comment but did not receive a response before publication. We will continue to monitor this story and bring you any updates as they develop.