(Georgia: TTV Says They “Have the Goods” on State Voter Rolls in 2020)

by Wendi Strauch Mahoney


January 4, 2024

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote (TTV) believe they have the goods to prove that “Trump was right” about the 2020 election in Georgia. Their work concerning the state’s voter rolls allegedly proves that at the time of Raffensperger’s Nov. 20, 2020 certification, there were, according to Engelbrecht, “364,000 ineligible voter records,” of which approximately 67,000 actually voted in the 2020 election. UncoverDC spent some time this week talking with Engelbrecht about TTV’s investigation of Georgia’s voter rolls.

Engelbrecht and Phillips both unequivocally believe Trump was justified in questioning Georgia’s results during his Jan. 2, 2021, phone call with Raffensperger and others. Ironically, Engelbrecht and Phillips appeared in court on Thursday in Fulton County to request the dismissal of their 2000 Mules lawsuit with the Georgia State Election Board (SEB) blocks away from where Trump would turn himself in because of his alleged “election interference” case.

Few people know more about how elections are run or stolen than Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote. Since 2010, her organization has been at the forefront of addressing proper election administration in all its forms, with a longstanding focus on maintaining and cleaning voter rolls.

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