If the Liberal and NDP merge, a rigged election may be acceptable to the public– the merger justifying the victory in the minds of 40 million voters.

by Brad Salzberg


January 3, 2024

When it comes to proclamations from government, astute political observers understand the power of political duplicity. How often it has occurred that when PM Justin Trudeau says “up” he really means “down.”

With this in mind, CAP consider statements emanating from the Liberal government in tandem with the New Democratic Party of Canada.

“The NDP has been supporting the Liberals in the House of Commons on confidence votes for the last two years in a deal that has kept Justin Trudeau’s minority Liberal government from falling.”

“The partnership has led Poilievre and his Conservatives to regularly refer to the two parties as the ‘Liberal-NDP government’ and to accuse them of already being part of a formal “Liberal-NDP socialist coalition.”

Poilievre is correct, but don’t tell that to mainstream media. In 2023, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail et al work on behalf of the neo-socialist coalition government of which the Conservative Party leader speaks.

Cultural Action Party [est 2016] drill down on reasons why the Liberals and NDP are more than likely lying to 40 million Canadian voters.

First of all, the denial serves a secondary purpose. It places the merger concept in the minds of Canadians, tacitly preparing them for what could follow. How often it is that incremental implementation of specific concepts are intended to “massage” the public into an acceptance of a particular concept.

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