I haven’t even seen alternative reporters picking up on it

by Jon Rappoport


January 3, 2024

Let’s start here:

1957 Asian Flu epidemic: origin, East Asia.

1980s AIDS: origin, Africa.

2009 Swine Flu epidemic: origin, Mexico.

2014 Ebola outbreak: origin, West Africa.

2015 Zika outbreak: origin, Brazil.

2020 COVID pandemic: origin, China.

Each of these supposed (fake) viruses traveled. In each case, they traveled from a foreign country to the US.

Name several viruses that, during the past 65 years, traveled from the US to foreign nations caused epidemics there.



Why not?

Purported viruses can originate anywhere. They can travel anywhere. What’s the problem?

On top of all this, we have the “Hot Zone” theory/prediction of emerging deadly viruses:

They come from jungles and rainforests far away, and because modern travel is so frequent, they come to America, and…

Because our immune systems have no previous history of encountering these viruses, the germs sweep through our population and create pandemics.

Given that description, why haven’t the proponents of the theory cited viruses that originate in the US and travel to jungles and rainforests in other nations and cause deadly epidemics there? The people in those remote places have no experience with OUR viruses.

What’s the problem?

What’s going on is really quite simple. STORIES are being told about supposed viruses. The stories inevitably feature origins in foreign lands, and the germs travel to the US.

By any measure, we should have heard press reports, over the past 65 years, of the Chicago or New York or Miami or San Francisco or Des Moines Flu showing up in Germany, France, Brazil, West Africa, China, India…

But we haven’t.

And the reason is, those aren’t the STORIES. That’s all. This has nothing to do with science.

Nothing at all.

Therefore, all the stories of foreign viruses landing here are on the level of man in the moon and Cinderella and Snow White.

If these US outbreaks of illness in the US were caused by foreign viruses, we would have witnessed similar viral outbreaks in other countries that originated here.