IMPORTANT UPDATE – Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits

We’d very much like to hear your thoughts & feedback before our filing deadline in early January 2024.

Watch the video and let us know if you feel that we should file and apply to have our historic landmark Vaccine Travel Mandates lawsuit heard by the Supreme Court of Canada?

Links below to our case info & the bombshell evidence which EVERY Canadian MSM news organization has intentionally ignored/buried for two years now.
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*This is one of the most important legal cases in recent Canadian history, please repost far & wide to help us reach as many of the 6 million plus Canadians who were/are victims of Trudeau’s unlawful & heinous vaccine mandates for travel.
The Federal Court of Appeal released its decision:

Our bombshell evidence:

JENNIFER LITTLE – Career Bureaucrat – Headed up the secretive & covert 20-person ‘Covid Recovery Team’ at Transport Canada:

DR. CELIA LOURENCO – Director General, Health Canada – Personally approved the use of ALL C-19 vaccines in Canada:

Statement of claim we filed for our new lawsuit on November 29th, 2023:

Open letter to Jennifer Little, Head of the Covid Recovery Team (Official title at the time of the Vaccine Travel Mandates) and Dr. Celia Lourenco, Director General, Health Canada (Official title at the time of the Vaccine Travel Mandates):

Open letter to @PierrePoilievre and @CPC_HQ:

Full case breakdown and summary with @jordanbpeterson, @rupasubramanya and @PardyBruce:

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