by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

December 31, 2023

Reflecting back over the year 2023 this again comes to mind.

If it is democracy one is talking about we need lots of optimism.

Silence has marked the response from our leadership whether on the local scene, the Provincial scene or the Federal scene.

Even before this craziness began this last three years or so writing the Ministers of Health Provincially(BC) and Federally I received answers to my communication from others. The very bedrock of accountability and responsible government was missing and In the case of the Federal response the response wasn’t even from a person——-it was a division of the Department , no name , no signature. The best the majority of leaders whom I have written  several times can do is have someone activate an electronic response. .

I am reminded of Dr. Charles Hoffe and his battle with the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons ——-the ultimate in authoritarianism as a medical professional can no longer   question without being harassed and coerced by the authorities and denied revenue. Dr Byram Bridle of University of Guelph who in his writings reminds us all of just how many days he has been barred from his University office. As of Dec 14 it was 873.

And who can forget Dr. Jordan Peterson and his travails with the authorities . It seems the administrative state has completely taken over from our elected ‘ leaders.’

This is most tragically highlighted in the un necessary death of Albertan Shelia Annette Lewis, denied an organ transplant  because she chose not to receive an experimental vaccine. What happened to personal autonomy. The World Medical Association Code of Ethics states :

“The physician must provide care with the utmost respect for human life and dignity, and for the autonomy and rights of the patient. “

And a stupid Court ruling that a clinical procedure , although under Government management , was somehow not covered by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The brave followers of civil disobedience , Trucker leaders , Tamara Lich and Chris Barber , are still before our courts of ‘justice.’

And the ‘Coutts Four ‘ ———what can one say???

In my own case and with other Canadians we have been denied our right to know whether a Federal Government Action violates our rights and freedoms under the Constitution .

Meanwhile our chattering , inept political leaders , with a mainstream media in tow,  just spend money they do not have , ignore fairness and common sense and make promises they cannot keep.

We can only hope that a New Year will bring common sense and fairness ——that someone will read the opening words of our Charter :