I kept saying he should be a one-issue candidate: poisonous killer VACCINES; that’s where he’s effective; that’s where he’s done great work

by Jon Rappoport


December 29, 2023

Recently, Kennedy fumbled and gargled his way through an interview about transgender children. He pleaded ignorance. I still don’t know what the hell his position was on kids taking the drugs and getting the surgery, with or without parental knowledge and consent. His remarks were so weak, it doesn’t matter what he believes.

A tip-off, though. How many articles has his Children’s Health Defense published about the issue? Few, if any. They stay away from it. Obviously. Yet they say they’re defending children. They should be shooting rockets about trans kids every day. About the CRIME AND THE DEVASTATION.

On border security, Kennedy is also a weak sister. He traveled down there a few months back, and his main point was most of the migrants he saw weren’t from Mexico. That’s it? That’s all?

America is at war. The enemy is coming up through the border. Mex cartels, lethal fentanyl, South American gangs, Chinese military age men. Anybody with eyes can see that. Combine this with the fact that many US DAs refuse to prosecute SERIOUS criminals, and you have a war we’re losing every day. Every fucking day.

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