As we enter 2024, let us recognize that not a single thing has changed regarding the woke war on traditional Canadian identity.

by Brad Salzberg

December 29, 2023

It isn’t as if Canada is the first. Throughout history, sovereign nations have undergone radical social and political transformations. That our country is now in the middle of such a process should be understood by all. It isn’t, for good reason.

Mainstream media has also gone through a process of tacit conversion. Over multiple decades, so has Canada’s educational system.

Government, media, academia. Each one successfully seduced by international powers with hidden plans for the future of our country. CAP pinpoint the threads that are presently weaving our future as non-democratic, authoritarian society.

Hatred of country, animus toward its colonial founding, our branding as a nation steeped in bigotry and homophobia. Of course, dozens of existing nations are far worse, but none of them they are under assault like Canada is.

Back in 1973, Pierre Trudeau was putting the final touches on a roadmap of cultural decimation. His meetings with Chairman Mao Tse Tung kicked things off, as government opened the doors to infiltration from communist China. Add to it PET’s unilateral enforcement of Multiculturalism. Transitioning immigration intake policy to a “points system,” migrant intake morphed from 90% European-derived to 90% 3rd World derived.

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