“For eight years running, our Liberal government has been working to transition Christianity to second class religious status.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 28, 2023

December 25th, 2023: “Four Alberta churches burned in the weeks before Christmas.”

“The church has been a staple in the community since 1945, with generations of families marking life’s milestones within its walls.”

As the year 2023 closes out, reaction from government typifies the condition of Canadian society. In regard to the Christian religion, citizens shouldn’t expect anything other than indifference to colour the palette of political and media discourse. The disgrace that is governmental attitudes toward the Christian faith should be comprehended by all. It isn’t— for good reason.

For eight years running, our Liberal government has been quietly working to transition Christianity to second class religious status. Myriad examples exist; each intentionally obscured by mainstream media.

At last count, 83 Christian churches have been destroyed by arson since news broke of so-called “unmarked mass graves”at the sites of residential schools across Canada.

PM Trudeau called the burnings “understandable.” To place this in context, we imagine a burning of 83 Canadian mosques, and our PM’s hypothetical response. If this doesn’t elucidate government’s attitude toward Christianity, we add some fuel to the fire:

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