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Of Pence, Pompeo and Olivia Troye

by Erik Carlson

Badlands Media

December 27, 2023

Before getting into the ‘meat’ of this article, I want to briefly touch upon a couple of other topics.

First, the Economy …

I was thinking about this the other day and have come to the conclusion that if one’s stock market investment portfolio is keeping pace with the stock market this year, you are likely a complete moron. It’s the equivalent of someone ice skating on a frozen lake in late April. In order to keep pace with the stock market this year, you had to take an immense amount of risk, while all ‘real’ signs are pointing to a flailing economy.

In 2023, almost all the gains in the S&P 500 have come from 7 tech stocks—mostly artificial intelligence (AI) related stocks. A year ago, there was a big push for AI with the release of ChatGPT, and soon after, Wall Street poured money into stocks that supported AI. The other 493 companies that make up the S&P 500 are pretty much flat for the year.

I believe this is all a scam, a coordinated effort to build up these AI stocks. The people ‘in on it’ bought the AI stocks that were crushed in 2022, then pushed the ‘AI will save the world’ narrative to profit from it.

Here’s how stock market fluctuations generally work: when an economy starts to show signs of slowing down, the first stocks that get sold off are usually tech/growth stocks. This happened in early 2022 when it was apparent the FED was going to raise interest rates to fight out of control inflation. The NASDAQ (consisting of growth/tech stocks) was crushed—the NASDAQ ended the year down -33%. In 2023, with even more signs of a weakening economy, the NASDAQ has regained everything it lost the year prior. It doesn’t make any logical sense. It does make sense if you believe there has been a coordinated effort to manipulate the stock market through the push of AI.

I do believe the stock market and economy will normalize and thrive once Trump is back in office, so this temporary craziness doesn’t bother me so much. In fact, I believe there must be ‘fail-safes’ currently in place keeping the US economy from completely melting down. In other words, I believe the Biden Administration isn’t being allowed to totally kill the American economy, just deeply wound it.

Before I move on from the economy, some more bad news: homelessness is up 14% in 2023, personal bankruptcies are up 13%, and corporate bankruptcies are up 30%. Personal savings are at an all-time low, while credit card debt is at an all-time high. This is why Biden isn’t relying on his four years in office to get re-elected, but is making claims things will be worse if Trump gets back in office.

Ignore the facts and focus on assumptions.

The Republican Debates

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