“Held hostage by all three levels of government, Canada is being systemically hustled toward neo-communist state status.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 27, 2023

As exemplified by conflict in the Middle East, the topic of hostage-taking has captured the minds of people the world over. A brutal situation it is, with countless innocent lives being sacrificed due to ongoing warfare in Gaza.

Here in Canada, a capturing of hostages exists in less violent form. Here, we speak of a more subtle example of warfare. Buried by media, Canadian society as a whole has been taken hostage in its entirety. The assault arrives by way of Canada’s traditional political strata: federal, provincial and municipal government.

As we speak, a petition is circulating to backtrack on a woke assault in Toronto:

“City council’s surprise vote to rename  Yonge-Dundas Square came after a personal intervention from Mayor Olivia Chow, who proposed a change of plans to a key advisory committee just two days before the decision was made.”

Their choice — Sankofa, which refers to a West African concept about reflecting on the past — has been described by supporters as a fitting way to address Toronto’s history of anti-Black racism.”

Chow’s approval is emblematic of a socio-political transition which deserves to be understood by all Canadians:

— No matter how inane a political decision, absurdist “woke” propaganda can make it through an approval process at any levels of governance.

— Once placed in power, politicians of all stripes deviate from the will of the public.

As a City Mayor, Olivia Chow exemplifies our point. As an MLA in British Columbia, New Democratic Party Minister of Education Rachna Singh is the same. On a federal level, PM Justin Trudeau exists as national kingpin of the phenomena.

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