This message deserves a title, so here it is:


As you know, a year and a half ago, I began publishing my work on Substack.

I took that change as an opportunity to launch, full-bore, my attacks on the rabid culture that is threatening, in these grave times, to destroy Western Civilization.

Many years earlier, I had written and spoken about what I called the Plan A and Plan B Globalists.

The Plan A plotters favored “boiling the frog slowly.” They wanted to transform societies gradually.

The Plan B people were far less patient. They wanted to unload lightning-fast strikes on all our rational institutions and traditions and engineer a takeover in a series of knockout blows.

At the time, I said the Plan A people were in charge, were running the show.

In 2014, I changed my mind. I saw that Plan B was already in progress, and was accelerating with disturbing speed.

In every area of human life.


I see that position as the basic target of the Globalists. That’s what they want to take down and destroy.

As you know, I’ve paid special attention to the strategies (and mass crimes) of the medical cartel.

The medical cartel, at the highest level, aims to debilitate, exhaust, cripple, and kill human will power and stamina and strength.

It is the point of the spear of oncoming technocratic slavery.

I fight for actual authentic freedom, the individual ability to maintain it, and I fight by writing and informing, from every possible angle, because I’m a writer.

I fight for the power and imagination of the individual, so he can see POSSIBILITY and launch a better future in his own way.

We are in a war. Whether or not we want to be.

This is where we are.

Since I started writing seriously and professionally, some 40 years ago, I’ve had several opportunities to travel a different road. A road that would lead to significant money, and perhaps even fame.

I didn’t take those opportunities. Because for me, the compromises they required would be a form of suicide. From the age of 17, I saw rebellion as the Open Road. It took me many more years to understand what that rebellion was for, and what shape it should have. I wasn’t a fan of rebellion without a cause.

Eventually, a rebel has to know what and who to attack. He has to find out how to attack. He has to dig below the surface of issues and discover the kind of truth that makes all the difference. And then he has to use that truth as a lever.

I found out the war I was fighting had been going on since the cave and the clan—and it would go on for The Duration.

Each and every one of us is in it. What we choose to do about it is up to each one of us.

I also found out that surrender is not an option. Neither is defeat. As I’ve kept saying: IT’S NEVER OVER.

My job is to present the truth and inspire and motivate individuals. That’s what I’ve been doing all these years.

Inevitably, every day I do it I find strength and energy. Because I know why I fight, and because I’m committed to the fight.

We are all standing at the crossroad these days. Our situation is becoming more serious, more drastic, more threatening. The tyrants and predators and their mobs want to take us down.

We’re in the war so let’s—each one of us, in his own way—fight. With everything we have.

For more than 20 years, I’ve offered all my work—thousands of articles—for free. Now at Substack, I can receive paid subscriptions. I believe in a meritocracy. And a free market. The exchange of value for value. I make no bones about it.

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