The Liberal decision to distribute tampons in men’s toilets everywhere — including on military bases — is just another step in the systematic attack against masculinity, and part of a wider ideological battle.

The woke far left wants to destroy Western societies, which they blame for all evils in the world.

They’re not only busy undermining our institutions, our culture, our economy, our values, our history, our social cohesion, and the traditional family…

They also want to completely destroy traditional gender identities and roles.

It’s great that individuals nowadays are not coerced anymore into strictly conforming to traditional gender stereotypes.

But we’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater by letting the woke fanatics impose a new, unnatural and degenerate model.

Women are encouraged to not have children, to treat all men like potential rapists, be ambitious and aggressive in their careers, and made to feel like failures if they prefer more traditional roles.

Conversely, traditionally feminine role models and identities are being normalized for men.

Throughout human history, strong men have played the role providers and protectors of their societies.

Today these strong men are not praised for their courage and selflessness, but denounced as exhibiting “toxic masculinity”.

It is no coincidence that the cultural Marxists have become obsessed with gender issues, and aim to brainwash and confuse our children with their sick gender ideology.

Their goal is to turn as many men as possible into non-binary, trans, gender-fluid, weak, effeminate sissies!

In short, in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable and dangerous, they want our society to disintegrate and become defenceless.

I assure you, this will not end well.

While having some flexibility is a good thing, the survival of our society does depend on the presence of strong men, and nurturing women.

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