Will the cancellation of Muslim organization funding spell the end of the Trudeau government?

by Brad Salzberg


December 11, 2023

“For 12 years, Roohollah Firooznam ran a company that installed and operated security cameras for Iran’s hardline regime.”

According to a recent article from Global News, “Firooznam’s business partner was a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander who spent a decade guarding Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader.”

“In 2018, Firooznam was issued a travel visa after he proposed visiting tourist attractions and sightseeing in Canada.”

In 2018, under the Liberal government, PM Justin Trudeau selected current Somalian citizen and Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen as Liberal Minister of Immigration.

Not that Mr. Trudeau wasn’t fully dedicated to Canada’s rapidly-growing Muslim community in the first place. For eight years, our PM has lauded, promoted and funded the Islamic faith within Canadian society.

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