submitted by Brian Peckford

December 10, 2023

Canadian Press does this story headlined : ‘People are confused’: Survey suggests Canadians need education on Charter rights’

You are only learning that now , are you Canadian Press? Of course you are —you would not listen up to now!!

The company Leger does a poll and asked some questions —not the most intelligent mind you.

And this is the conclusion. And then the story has some quotes from the President of the Canadian Studies Association.

Lo and behold!!!

When the  high school in my city refuses to allow me to speak to them on the Charter , my City Council , and a major University ????

When the media has deliberately refused to carry stories from those affected by the unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns ?

When the Federal Government can unconstitutionally invoke An Emergencies Act—-snuff out civil rights , freeze citizens’ bank accounts —-

When the Federal Government can through legislation unconstitutionally establish an Inquiry, appoint the Commissioner who is going to investigate, establish the terms of reference , all to investigate itself and the larger society buys into this charade —-

When the Government of Alberta does like wise——-

When Courts across the land render decisions on the Charter by violating it because they

A. Violate the intent of it

B. Violate Section 1 of it

C. Ignore the Framework principles which are suppose to guide the Charter’s meaning

When independent science is ignored by courts, governments and the media—-——

When Governments allow people to die because they exercised their Charter rights to refuse an experimental vaccine

And people ‘s Charter rights are violated by being held in jail for months without appropriate legal process ——

Oh, yes people are confused —-

And No Civics in the Schools ! Right now , who could even teach it —the teachers know nothing about the Constitution!!!

We have a swamp —-that has organized the citizens’ confusion!!

And to put a final embarrassing point on it—the poll was a web poll——the article says:

‘The results are based off of a web survey of 1,502 Canadians in September by the Leger polling firm. Online surveys cannot be assigned a margin of error because they are not considered truly random samples.’