“One day after Ottawa for the first time named an Indigenous person as lieutenant-governor of Quebec, the National Assembly unanimously voted in favour of abolishing the role of Lieutenant-Governor.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 9 2023

“Only one day after Ottawa for the first time named an Indigenous person as lieutenant-governor of Quebec, the province’s National Assembly unanimously voted in favour of a motion calling for the abolition of the vice-regal position.”

“Manon Jeannotte, originally of the First Nation of Gespeg, a Mi’kmaq community on the Gaspé Peninsula, was named to the post on Thursday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It doesn’t take the ghost of Pierre Berton to deduce that political forces in Canada’s french nationalist province of Quebec maintain long-term animus toward Anglophone-Canadian segment of our society.

Away from the media spotlight, a covert war continues to play out. In this, insiders could argue that for our Quebec-centric Liberal government, the battle on the Plains of Abraham never really ended.

Like the Liberals, mainstream media neglect to point toward a Liberal-Quebec tacit attack on English Canada. A primary tactic exists in the leveraging of First Nations issues focusing on what Trudeau & Team have transitioned to the epicentre of post-modern warfare.

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