by Jon Rappoport

December 8, 2023

“Oh, you can’t come in here, are you kidding? This is a high-security lab. Only certified professionals can enter. We’re dealing with viruses. Off limits to you and all civilians. WE tell you what we discover. YOU accept our findings. Now shut up and get lost…”

That’s the attitude of elite researchers who claim to be discovering and isolating new viruses…

When, in fact, as many of us have detailed…

They’re doing no such thing.

They’re faking it, in multiple ways.

They’re in charge of faking it.

A reader, in a comment, mentioned that WE should be able to go into those labs WITH VIDEO CAMERAS and record everything going on in there.




We should be able to get in there with a pro video crew and cameras that record every single action these bozo researchers perform.

Many cameras catching the action from every possible angle. Up very close, medium range, ceiling angles, angles from the floor.

With sound. And send a few people in there who have previously detailed how the virus fakery is accomplished. They stand close to the researchers and stop them at any moment and ask questions.

“Why did you just do that?” “What’s in that dish?” “You claim you just proved WHAT? Explain how you proved it.” And so on.

Every single step of the so-called isolation of new viruses is questioned and criticized—and recorded on video, with sound—until there are no more secrets, no more proprietary information, no more missing pieces in the process. To OUR satisfaction.

Otherwise, there is no reason under the sun to accept what these weasels are telling us.

“Doctor, you just SAID you separated the virus from the solution in this dish of soup. You SAID it but you didn’t show it. We all know that. When are you going to SHOW the isolation?”

“Why did you just dip that instrument in the soup? What are you doing? You’re measuring something? Prove it. What are you measuring?”

“You SAY you just removed a virus from this soup you created, and you’re purifying it, and then you’re going to put a sample under an electron microscope, and then you’re going to say the particles that show up are viruses. So we’ll have to go over all these steps very carefully and slowly, because we’ll have many questions. Many pointed questions you’ll need to answer.”

All this is happening live, on camera, with sound.

In the moment.

Then we’ll see what these elite researchers know and don’t know.