“Let’s go Brandon”

by Jon Rappoport


December 6, 2023

You heard me right.

Those millions in stadiums across the country are protesting everything but football.

The only thing they want to deal with IS football.

Their loyalty to their teams is holy crusader stuff.

If only all of them in the stands could be convinced to shout SHUT DOWN THE FUCKING BORDER for about 10 minutes or so.

Then we would have something.

Americans don’t do huge protests anymore, not the regular kind. (I’m not talking about riots—e.g., the summer of Floyd).

Until online ordering of products and organized retail theft took over, Black Friday every year was another uniquely American protest. Against everything except shopping.

This is how US citizens register their extreme discontent. By focusing on something else, on one irrelevant thing, to the exclusion of all other issues and crises.

“Go, Jets, go!” Sub-text: Fuck climate change!

Subconsciously, New England Patriots fans are bellowing and shrieking: ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA!

How do we make the subconscious conscious?

You could say that is THE American problem.

Because, face it, there is enough rage percolating just below the surface of the country to power rockets to the edge of the galaxy.

If it could be brought up into the light of day, and then channeled into protests—leaving out the looting and burning and murder—diversity, equity, and inclusion would go extinct in 24 hours.

I do have one idea.

A spark that might spread and ignite a conflagration.