“WEF initiatives are championed by Justin Trudeau, a figure celebrated by Chairman Klaus Schwab; Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland sits as a trustee on the non-profit’s board.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 4, 2023

“With Liberal polling numbers in free fall, it appears that Canadians increasingly want Justin Trudeau’s tenure as Liberal Party Leader and Prime Minister to end. Nearly three quarters (72%) of Canadians now think Trudeau should step down, up from 60% in September.

A recent poll from Ipsos speaks to the issue of a replacement for PM Justin Trudeau.  Just 25 per cent of those surveyed said they’d consider voting Liberal if current Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland becomes party leader.

For current Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly, the number drops to 18 per cent; Global Banker extrordinaire Mark Carney came in at  16 per cent; MP Anita Anand, 14 per cent ,and pint-sized Francois-Philippe Champagne, 12 per cent.

Frankly, if squeeky-voiced Chrystia Freeland is the best that Trudeau’s strategists can muster up, the Liberal Party are dwelling in deep doo-doo.

Not only is Freeland an unappealing candidate. Trudeau’s number one side-kick is a card-carrying affiliate of every patriot’s nightmare– the World Economic Forum, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland:

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