If the Liberals do happen to swindle voters into a 4th term victory, media will have played a critical role in the deception.

by Brad Salzberg


November 30, 2023

Ottawa Citizen: “Pierre Poilievre Needs To Choose His Words Much More Carefully”

Peterborough Examiner“Pierre Poilievre’s Bad Week.”

Globe & Mail: “Pierre Poilievre’s Lousy Week Of Leadership”

Welcome, patriot friends, to the media show that never ends. No thinking Canadian should be expecting anything less. While mainstream media speak of a “confidence and supply” agreement between PM Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, a second partnership– equally damaging in intent– lingers in the political shadows.

Over the course of eight years in office, Trudeau has led the Liberals toward a covert partnership with legacy media in Canada. In a recent move, the Feds have announced a funding of 35% of establishment media salaries.

In return, they receive the benefit of articles referenced above: a thorough thrashing of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre. With rumours of a future federal election, political pundits shouldn’t expect anything less.

Between the lines, pathos drips from the pages of the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest. It’s not just that media are being paid to run-down the Conservative party leader. More telling is that the press cannot find one positive comment to make regarding Mr. Poilievre.

For example, CBC might suggest that this man is highly skilled in economics. On this basis, he could serve as a positive antidote to current PM Justin Trudeau, who knows little-to-nothing about practical elements of economic management.

As a second-year student, in 1999, Poilievre submitted an essay to Magna International’s  “As Prime Minister,  I Would…” essay contest.

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  1. Desperate people do desperate things. Those that scream the loudest are usually the ones doing it!. How blatant is it that the journalist get half their salaries paid, media paid for. Me thinks that Pierre should charge them all with defamation, discrimination. The more Trudy and the media bash Pierre, the more obvious it gets. I do believe that if he is pushed hard in question period his bi polar will show thru. He is close to snapping. So keep pushing hard in our theatre of supposedly question period. I would so love to see him get hauled out in a straight jacket. Had a bi polar Captain on our yacht, that was scary. He got taken off a yacht in a straight jacket.