Do you know the worst kept secret in Canadian history? by Maxime Bernier

To be honest, it’s not just Canada, it’s affecting much of the Western World.

The worst kept secret in Canadian history is that mass immigration and multiculturalism have been an abject disaster for Canadian society!

The intellectual, corporate, and political elite have spent the last few decades gaslighting Canadians that mass immigration is in our best interest, that it is necessary to grow and sustain our economy.

But the consequences of mass immigration are obvious to anyone that is paying attention.

Our healthcare system is struggling to keep up. Emergency rooms are overrun, and wait lists for a family doctor are unacceptably long.

Our classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are overwhelmed with immigrant students who have completely different cultural references, and the education of the next generation is being jeopardized.

Foreign ethnic and tribal conflicts are being imported. Violence in the streets is becoming common in our big cities.

Our social fabric is being eroded. The sense of community is disappearing as the elite-class pushes diversity over assimilation and unity.

Our wages are stagnating as the market is flooded with cheap labour. We are facing a generational housing crisis, and inflation is out of control.

And yet our elites tell us not to trust our lying eyes! They patronize us, call us racist, and continue to increase the number of newcomers entering Canada each year.

But a backlash is coming. More and more Canadians are waking up to the reality that mass immigration and multiculturalism are destroying our once great country.

The people are starting to recognize the self-interested lies of the elite for what they are.

They are beginning to realize that the business elite push mass immigration to access more cheap labour.

That the political elite use it as a tool to secure new voters or to pander to existing ethnic voting blocks.

And that the media elite do nothing but protect their elitist cronies and preserve the status quo.

It’s not just Canada that is waking up, right-wing populism is on the rise all over the world!

In the last month, populist libertarian firebrand Javier Milei was elected as President of Argentina and Geert Wilders led his party to hold the most seats in the Dutch parliament after their recent general election.

I find Geert Wilders’ story to be particularly relatable and inspiring.

Similar to myself, Wilders left his mainstream established party all the way back in 2004 to sit as an independent. Then in 2006 he founded the Party for Freedom (PVV).

They did not find immediate success, but they stuck to their principles, ignored calls for them to disband, and continued to grow election over election.

Finally, after 18 years of campaigning, Wilders and the PVV are in a position to be leading the next Dutch government!

I find this story to be very inspirational for the PPC, a road map of what we might be able to accomplish in the coming years.

It took hard work, consistency, and time for them to ultimately achieve their goal.

Of course, the PVV also had the advantage of operating under a proportional representation system which benefits small parties. (Under a proportional representation voting system, the PPC would have sent about 17 MPs to Ottawa after the last election!)

It is our duty as the People’s Party of Canada to bring this international movement toward right-wing populism to Canada.

Many pundits in Canada and internationally are projecting Poilievre and the CPC to capture this populist backlash in Canada.

But supporters of the PPC know better. They know that Poilievre is just another establishment politician and isn’t much different from the globalist Liberals.

Just like Trudeau, he’s in favour of continued aid to Ukraine, reaching the Paris Accord targets, and continued mass immigration.

I want to be absolutely clear: mass immigration is the issue of our time. Any politician who refuses to speak out against it is part of the problem and must be rejected.

Our only hope to reject mass immigration, to preserve the country we grew up in, is to elect a crop of bold PPC MPs to hold the entire political establishment accountable for what they are doing to our country!

This will not be easy, every major institution has been weaponized against us. But we have a duty to succeed, to save this country.

I don’t have big businesses on my side, I certainly don’t have the mainstream media on my side.

But I do have you on my side, and patriots like you all across the country.

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