by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

November 28, 2023

To all those who appeared before the Inquiry and all other ethical participants in this process I commend you.

Sadly , attacking the symptoms won’t do anymore.

Canada is structurally broken .

Look no further than the fact that not one of the 63 Government people requested to appear before the inquiry agreed to do so.

Structural change means —the political parties, the parliament, the executive and the judiciary.

When a Prime Minister can break our conflict of interest law multiple times and still serve as PM?

When MP’s can break the law and still serve in Parliament ?

When a judiciary ignores independent science and ignores the opening words of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms—-

When the tyranny of the majority ensures that Parliamentary Committees are shut down when there is still important business to be conducted?

When a Prime Minister’s office becomes more a Presidential operation ——-then

The British tradition of representative and responsible Government , for which our early reformers and our soldiers fought so hard  , has been undermined and no longer working as intended.

My Magna Carta tried to address this but no one is listening.



  1. Although I agree with everything said here Canada is in fact broken every single system is broken down and corrupted. I say this because Queen Victoria repealed the BNA Act after buying the Charter of Freedoms and Rights back from the Hudson Bay Company for 12,000,000 pounds. Incidentally this charter was given to the Hudson Bay Company by King George and essentially gave them more power in the so-called country of Canada i.e. Rupert‘s land than it gave Victoria. I would refer you to a researcher out of the UK named Stan McDonald he has a site called, he has researched parliamentary documents and records of so-called Canada and all countries within the Commonwealth very extensively. One more point I will note, P.E. Trudeau’s Constitution Act of 1982 was nothing more than an attempt to bring back the BNA Act in another form, and according to the Queen’s proclamation was subject to section 59 which referred to section 23 which of course was the language laws which Quebec would never sign off on therefore according to parliamentary records this act was rescinded. As was the Meech Lake Accord, as well as the Charlottetown accord. All rescinded. In closing I will ask you to cease-and-desist from proclaiming to be any sort of a drafty or Signy of anything relevant to the forming of this country that has been nothing but a criminal fraud since the beginning and I would suspect that anybody who served a Premier of a province would be privy to this information being the only reason you would be there is if you complied.
    George Marshall

  2. Hear, Hear. Mr. Marshall. Am I ever pleased to have someone else point out to Mr. Peckford that he participated in a Fraud when he signed the current version of the Canadian Constitutional Act – 1982. He still harbors under the impression and illusion that he did something to be proud of.

    Pierre Trudeau conned the whole bloody works of them into signing the document and they all did so while not even understanding the significance of what they did. They gave away Canada’s sovereignty. All because they were excited to be included in an upcoming photo-op and free booze at the end of the day. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Now we, the citizens and taxpayers of Canada have had to “pay the price” simply because the document Mr. Peckford and the others signed that day in 1982, has allowed our government and judicial system to be compromised and corrupted by a tyrannical and narcissistic psychopath posing as our Prime Minister.

    However, Canadians should not lose hope. There is an old saying: “The worm always turns.” And it is beginning to do that. The Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan are clear examples of that occurring.

  3. The legacy media which is where the vast majority of Canadians, especially those in positions of power still get their information is the root of the problem. Propaganda works. The entire covid “pandemic” would not have been possible without their full co-operation. You cannot have a democracy in a country where the media is bought off therefore Canada is no longer a democracy. It’s the politicians who allowed the entire media to fall under the control of a small of handful of people who are responsible. It was on Harper’s watch that the majority of the consolidation took place. Trudeau is just finishing what he started. Anyone that thinks that Poilievre is going to be our savior is delusional.